The first forum of internal auditors

18 June 2015

The Albanian Association of Banks (AAB) and the Albanian Institute of Internal Auditors (AIIA) organized the First Internal Audit Forum on June 18, 2015 at the Tirana International Hotel. The forum focused on the development and situation of the internal audit profession in the Albanian banking sector. The forum was attended by internal auditors and executive managers of banks, representatives of the Bank of Albania, the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank of Kosovo, international consulting companies and financial institutions in Albania and Kosovo.

In the opening speech, Ms. Endrita Xhaferaj, Secretary General of AAB and Mr. Stavri Pashko, Executive Director of AIIA, emphasized the importance of organizing this forum for the first time in Albania, which aims to create a communication platform for the internal audit profession in the banking sector Albanian. Taking the floor, Mr. Gazmend Kadriu, General Director of Union Bank, spoke about the important role of the internal audit function in banking institutions. The forum continued with the presentation of Mrs. Dorida Stambolla, Head of the Internal Audit Department at Raifeissen Bank and head of the Bank Audit Committee and Ms. Nicola Rimmer, Head at Barclays Bank, London.

In the second section of the Forum, a diverse panel of speakers stood out, consisting of two executives Mr. Silvio Pedrazzi, General Director of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania and Mr. Orfea Dhuci, Economic Advisor, Apha Bank Albania, as well as two to the heads of the internal audit of the banking sector: Mr. Ibrahim Yasar, from BKT, and Ms. Silvana Zoto, from NBG Bank Albania.