Dear Gent,
I am leaving you for a better one.

This campaign aims to raise public awareness on the use of debit and credit card payments and highlights the benefits of using cards.

The message is conveyed through a metaphor of a love affair. The efficiency of using the card as a means of payment was realized through three videos and was treated in the form of a letter addressed to the old “love” ( banknote), comparing the qualities of the two means of payment and emphasizing the reason for choosing to use the card against cash.

Benefits to Consumers and Merchants: Electronic payments provide greater access to financial resources. Consumers using cash or checks are limited to the funds they have on hand, while cards provide consumers with access to all available funds or lines of credit and give merchants peace of mind about payment guarantees.

Security: Merchants have guaranteed payment and consumers feel more comfortable making purchases when they can pay with a card.

Transparency: Electronic payments help reduce paper transactions, reducing the cost to central banks of providing notes and coins, and also increase tax revenues through the reduction of the gray economy, or transactions not accounted for in official statistics.

Access: Cards provide consumers the means to participate in the digital economy.

Convenience: Optimization of consumption decisions by giving them secure and immediate access to all of their funds on deposit or a line of credit, eliminating the need to wait at the point of sale, visit an ATM or hold cash. Contactless payments enable contact avoidance by offering more security and convenience.

“ This campaign is organized by the Albanian Association of Banks and sponsored by VISA.”

videos to be uploaded to youtube

Dear Gent!
I have to go beyond the borders, and I can’t do it with you. I chose the card for the online purchases!
Save time and keep your expenses under control by paying with your credit or debit card in complete safety!