Physical security in banks

Tirana, September 21, 2016

The Albanian Association of Banks (AAB) and the Committee for Banking Security organized the 5th Forum on Physical Security in Banks

The opening speech was delivered by Mr. Spiro Brumbulli, General Secretary of AAB, who pointed out that the recent events that happened to the banking sector for robbery of monetary values ​​in safes and in transport require a review of the responsibilities of all institutions responsible for creating a safe environment for development of banking activity. The crime is sophisticated, but it does not amount to panic. The banking sector has shown that it is capable of collecting deposits, processing cash and transporting monetary values ​​without compromising the financial security of depositors, without preventing the economy and society from moving forward.

Present at this forum were representatives of commercial banks operating in Albania and Kosovo, representatives of the Bank of Albania, the General Directorate of the State Police, from the Association of Banks of Kosovo, Physical Security Protection Societies and Tirana International Airport. This forum was triggered by recent events that highlighted the need for improvement in the way of organization and operation of security structures in banks, risk assessment, increasing the level of cooperation with other state institutions, responsible for public safety, sharing best practices and contemporary standards.

The forum was organized in two sections, during which topics such as: Inter-institutional cooperation to increase security and protection in the banking system, the Security Triangle; Problems and trends of services in physical security; Efficiency of use of electronic protection and benefits from the use of advanced technology, cost in insurance; storage of information in communication, etc. The guests from Kosovo brought the experience of banks in Kosovo for physical security and transportation of monetary values. The companies of ShPSF raised concerns in facing the real cost of their activity. The representatives from the Bank of Albania and the Police Directorate emphasized the need for cooperation and the correct implementation of the requirements of the legal framework and other by-laws regarding the insurance of banking activity.

At the end of the work of this forum, the participants expressed the necessity of organizing such meetings, the need to follow up the problems raised in this Forum in the future, the wider sharing of experiences from the region, the response to regulatory requirements and the necessity of completion of the legal framework. Inter-institutional cooperation should continue with the priority that it is easier and cheaper to prevent crime than to cure the consequences.