Njoftim – Shprehje interesi mbi organizimin e studimit


“Kontributi i bankave në ekonomi dhe shoqëri”

Shoqata Shqiptare e Bankave kërkon të kryejë një studim “Kontributi i bankave në ekonomi dhe shoqëri”. Studimi duhet të paraqesë një analizë të plotë dhe rigoroze, në kontributin e bankave në ekonomi dhe shoqëri.


Regarding the Study on
“Banks contribution to Economy and Society”

Albanian Association of Banks (AAB) on behalf of its member banks.

Banks play an important part in a nation’s economy by providing a safe foundation for individuals and businesses to invest or deposit their money, which allows the bank to use the money in its possession for loans. The ability for the public to receive these loans enables them to perform different commercial activities, to solve social issues or to make purchases, which drives the economy at different levels. In the same time banking sector play an important role and contribution even in the society.

Considering the above the Albanian Association of Banks, which is a Non-Profitable Organization, is seeking to perform a study on “Banks contribution to Economy and Society” during years 2004 – 2016.

The study should present for banking sector (16 banks that operate in Albania) a comprehensive and rigorous analysis, but not be restricted on:
1) Contribution to the economy through
a) Contributes of banking sector to the achievement of GDP in Albania;
b) The trend of the banking sector’s growth;
c) Banks partnership with the state in continuous financing of the budget;
d) The financial support from banks is vital for the functioning of the country and its system (loans given to government and municipalities);
e) Support of banks to the state during financial crisis;
f) The contribution of banks for an efficient state treasury operations;
g) Contributions of banking industry to the budged through paid taxes and other contributions and comparison with other sectors;
h) Banks as the crucial and almost only source of capital for the economy, comparison with other countries in the region;
i) Supporting economic activities of: (i) SMEs segment, and (ii) individuals. How much the banking industry has loaned for the period (loans already repaid)?
j) The responsibility of the banking system to manage credit risks and the responsibility for recovery of liquidity of the economy;
k) Evidence of deposits in banking sector (short, medium and long term);
l) Trends of developing banking industry during the period, including banks new products during 2009- 2016;
m) Banks investments to technologies;
The analyses on the above issues must be in details regarding currency, tenor and sector.

2) Contribution to the society through:
a) The contribution to the movement from a cash economy to the non-cash economy;
b) Deposits and loans (retail, corporate clients’ deposits and banks loans);
c) Banks support citizens in purchasing real estate properties (number of properties and value);
d) Responsible risk management;
e) The role in development of the alternative channels and in the modernizing the customers demand;
f) Payments and other services, provide efficiency to the society in its everyday activities;
g) Banking sector employs (number in total); (enhancing their professional knowledge and increasing the value on the labour market, through trainings);
h) Distribution of employees in the banking sector by gender (strengthens the position of women in society);
i) Banks’ donations and sponsorships as per Social Corporate Responsibility;
j) Banks and financial education.

3) Conclusion
Other indicators which might be analyzed in order to have a complete study on banks contribution to economy and society of the country are welcomed and will be evaluated.

The study should cover the relevant information and the respective conclusion on the data’s and activity of all 16 banks operating in Albania, members of AAB.

The study will include the period of years 2004-2016. For trends, certain tendencies and developments, the study can be analyzed according the period before the crisis (2004-2008) and the period after the crisis (2009-2016)

The deadline for providing the above study will be 5 October 2017.
The study has to be submitted in Albanian and in English.
The short version of the study must be prepared and submitted on power point only in English.
The study, after submitted to AAB, will be in its ownership and will be used for the purposes that AAB will need.

AAB, in order to finance this study, will allocate the maximum amount of 7,500 EUR (including VAT).

Participation is open to all legal persons established in the country (Albania). Participation is also opened to legal persons established out border (with representative office in the country Albania).

The interested parties have to submit their documentations and financial proposal. The necessary documents to be submitted:
a) The legal status of the bidder;
b) The experience on the previous studies;
c) Certification that doesn’t have legal and fiscal issue;
d) Financial proposal.

The selection criteria for the submitted candidates will be:
a) The financial offer of the candidates;
b) The professional and technical capacity of the candidates (other studies preformed previously, permanent staff, etc.).

Expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below by 13 March 2017, time 9.00 AM:

Rr. Ibrahim Rugova, Nr. 5, SKY TOWER, A 9/3, Tiranë

Albanian Association of Banks (AAB)