European Cyber Security Month


October marks the European Cyber Security Month. AAB and its Information Security Committee, organized a series of webinars which took place all month long. This year’s digital events aimed to provide to explore the rapidly evolving cyber trends and challenges for banks and to help people identify and be prepared for cyber threats.

  • On 15 October, the 1st Webinar on “Cybersecurity in digital age” focused on the risks and challenges of the digital world, how much the complexity of information systems has increased, can a balance be found between the growing demands of internet users and security as well as some tips for safe online shopping.
  • On 22 October, the 2nd Webinar on “Cyber Security and Challenges in a time of Social Distancing” focused on what are the dangers encountered in cyberspace, what are the frauds through different communication channels. How can we distinguish a legitimate communication from a malignant one. How to be safe while working remotely as well as some practical tips on information security.
  • On 29 October, the 3rd Webinar on “Cybersecurity and the Albanian Experience” addressed legislative and regulatory issues of the system and ways for better collaboration.