Money Week in Albania, 27 March – 2 April

Albania Leading organizations: Bank of Albania (BoA), Ministry of Education and Sport, Albanian Banking Association (AAB), Deposit Insurance Agency, Junior Achievement and National Youth Service.

Number of children & young people involved: 2,200 viewed by over 25,000 individuals
Number of participating organizations: 60
Number of activities: 17

  • Opening Ceremony of Global Money Week was organized at BOA Museum. It was attended by high level representatives of financial institutions and media, many youths from elementary and high schools and universities of Tirana were part of the attending ceremony of this event as well. In their greeting speeches, BoA Governor, Minster of Education & Sports and AAB Chairman emphasized the mission of this week, which is raising awareness of young generations to be financially responsible citizens in the
    future. Also, during the event, the winners of the three competitions, launched one month ago by BoA and AAB on “Facebook”, were announced, as per following:

    • “My money” competition with paintings, where more than 500 pupils of I- III grade, from 35 schools participated. 10 winners were selected; The competition was supported by FIBank Albania.
    • “Save for difficult days! Save for better days!” – Competition for the best video, where 14 videos from students of high schools in the country were played, and three winners were selected; It was supported by Credins Bank.
    • “Should financial education be a mandatory subject to the academic curricula?” – Competition of the best essay, where 19 students of third-year bachelor for bank and finance from different universities of the country have participated, and 3 winners were selected. It was supported by Union Bank.
  • Open lecture at “Aleksandër Xhuvani” University, in Elbasan, attended by 70 students, majoring in Banking & Finance, delivered by Bank of Albania and Tirana Bank representatives.

The competition “If we were bankers” with students of three economic faculties from Tirana Business University (TBU), Luarasi University and University of Tirana, organized in collaboration with Youth Centre of Tirana and aimed at understanding banking and its daily operations, from a practical prospective. Three teams competed with each other, by representing themselves as bankers and offering to the client (a Hydro Power plant company) the best financial offer. All students were initially advised from AAB, BoA and Banka Kombëtare Tregtare representatives, about the case study and the competition’s characteristics. The TBU team was the winner of the competition. More than 85 students attended the event.

  • “The red bicycle” kids show at the Experimental National Theatre dedicated to pupils of elementary schools (third and fourth grade) teaching them the importance of saving. 850 pupils attended the show, which was set on stage four times, during the money week. Raiffeisen Bank sponsored the show.
  • Visits to banks were organized, in collaboration with BoA and students from “Qemal Stafa” High School, who have elected “Personal Finances in your hands” module as part of their academic curricula. Alpha Bank Albania welcomed 30 students in the premises of its main branch in Tirana and explained to them how a branch operates and products they offer to their clients.
  • Exposition entitled “Financial Education through Art” was organized at Fab Gallery with the paintings of 30 pupils that worked under the supervision and accuracy of the painter Kosta Zhongo. The pupils explained financial concepts with their art. The activity was sponsored by Tirana Bank.
  • Visits to BoA’s Museum by 125 students of “Dora D’istria” elementary school, “Sami Frashëri” high school and students of Agricultural University of Kamza.
  • Innovation Camp was organized by AAB, in cooperation with Junior Achievement of Albania and BoA and with sponsorship and strong support of Alpha Bank. The camp was attended by 30 students of 11th grade of JA network coming from different cities of the country, who formed 6 teams to find a solution to the challenge, presented by AAB, on “How to enable banks to increase their customers by developing marketing techniques through the use of mobile technology”. During that day all teams were supported by experts from BoA, Alpha Bank Albania, Societe Generale Albania, Raiffeisen Bank and Tirana Bank.
  • Open lecture with 100 students of Epoka University in Tirana form representatives of Bank of Albania and Societe Generale Albania.
  • The visit to Credins Bank was organized in collaboration with BoA and students from “Qemal Stafa” High School, who have elected “Personal Finances in your hands” module in their academic curricula. The bank welcomed 30 students at the premises of its main branch in Tirana and explained to them how a branch operates and products they offer to the clients.
  • Visit to 7 branches of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania (ISPA) in the country. ISPA and AAB arranged visits of 250 students from eight high schools and one University at some branches, where they had the chance to hear from Branch Managers about the importance of money and different products the bank offer to the clients.
  • Open lecture at “Aleksandër Moisiu” University, Durrës for 90 students, delivered by representatives of BoA and Intesa Sapaolo Bank Albania.
  • “Personal Finances in your hands” – TV competition. Ora News Television supported the competition between 3 high schools (“Besnik Sykja” and “Qemal Stafa” in Tirana and “Raqi Qirinxhi” in Korça) that have elected “Personal Finances in your hands” module during 2016-2017 academic years. The competition aimed the evaluation of knowledge and skills gained by studying the module. The winner was “Qemal Stafa” high school.