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Local Currency Financing and FX Hedging workshop organized

Long-term local currency financing unlocks business opportunities across sectors and contributes to the development of capital markets. However, it also requires effective management of currency exposure. In this context, AAB facilitated the organization of a TCX workshop on local currency financing and currency hedging. The workshop was held in Tirana on May 22nd, 2023.

During the workshop participants discussed how TCX supports international lenders in providing long-term funding denominated in ALL to the benefit of local financial institutions and also how to avoid currency mismatches through hedging with TCX directly or indirectly. The workshop was attended by banks representatives.


About TCX:
The Currency Exchange Fund N.V. (“TCX”) is a development finance initiative that offers currency and interest rate derivatives in financial markets where such products are not provided by commercial banks or are hard to access for the parties who need them.