First Business Forum – SWIFT Albania 2014

September 17, 2014

The Albanian Association of Banks, in cooperation with SWIFT Austria and CIS, organized the First Business Forum – SWIFT Albania 2014, with the theme “20 years in Albania, 20 years of partnership”. The forum took place on September 17, 2014, in Tirana and was attended by representatives of the banking system in Albania, representatives of the Bank of Albania, the Ministry of Finance, non-bank financial institutions, utility companies, etc. The banking community in Albania has been a user of the SWIFT platform for 20 years, on which the infrastructure of payment systems in the country has been built.

In the opening speech, Ms. Endrita Xhaferaj, Secretary General of AAB emphasized the importance of organizing this forum for the first time in Albania, which has been taking place for years in many countries around the world. Ms. Najada Xhaxha, Chairman of the Payments Committee of AAB and Chairman of SWIFT UGCP in Albania, focused on the mutual benefits of the banking system and SWIFT during these years of cooperation, as well as new challenges and opportunities for the future. The discussion continued with presentations by representatives of SWIFT Austria and CIS on their products as well as representatives of the Bank of Albania and the Ministry of Finance regarding the development of payment systems in Albania, their participation in the SWIFT network during these 20 years of partnership, and the benefits of using this platform.

The second section was divided into four parallel presentation sessions, where the participants, in groups, got to know the solutions that SWIFT offers to all partners (banks, state institutions, other financial institutions, utility services, etc.).