Meeting with the Minister of State for Protection of Entrepreneurship, Eduard Shalsi


February 27, 2019 @ 1:52 pm – 2:52 pm

On 27 February, the CEOs of commercial banks held a meeting with the State Minister for Protection of Entrepreneurship, Eduard Shalsi. The focus of the discussion was the improvement of business climate. During the meeting the participants emphasized the sustainability, credibility, regulatory supervision, liquidity of banks and the necessity for further credit. In addition, they raised concerns about several issues such as: the efficiency of public administration, the fiscal treatment of banks and business, the issue of property rights, de-euroization, cash reduction in the economy and the fight against informality, electronic signature, delays in reimbursement of state obligations, the directive of two ministers on private bailiff’s fees, the current situation, the opportunity to financing of the economy, etc. The parties expressed their willingness to address these concerns and to resolve them.