Meeting of the AAB Chairman with media representatives


April 24, 2019 @ 4:21 pm – 5:21 pm

On Wednesday, 24th of April, at the invitation of the AAB Chairman, Mr. Silvio Pedrazzi and in attendance of the Secretary General, Mr. Spiro Brumbulli, at the premises of the Albanian Association of Banks (AAB), was held a meeting with media representatives, who cover the economic news. The meeting took place in the framework of sustainable, fruitful relationship and coordination with the media, aiming for better information.
During his speech, Mr. Pedrazzi noted that AAB is committed to clarifying some of the issues recently discussed in the media about the activity conducted by banks in foreign currencies and the management of money value in banking system. Given the publication of the information in the media, Mr. Pedrazzi made a presentation on the liquidity management process, especially in foreign currency, highlighting different aspects of the process, temporary allocation of the liquidity, the compliance with legal restrictions related to the transport of monetary values ​​to parent banks, deposits, invest in securities and corporate finance in other countries. He emphasized that what is important to the AAB, is that banks will continue to provide foreign currency deposit services, thus securing a smooth running of the process.
Media representatives expressed their interest in issues related to the transportation of monetary values, cash in economy and informality, and Mr. Pedrazzi was open to any questions raised by them. The meeting was evaluated as an effective communication tool.