The 8th meeting of the Albanian Network for Financial Education (ANFE) organized


January 29, 2020 @ 4:40 pm – 5:40 pm

Today, on 29.01.2020, under the auspices of the Albanian Association of Banks (AAB), was organized the 8th meeting of the ANFE. Participant in the meeting was Mr. Altin Tanku, Head of Research Department at the Bank of Albania, who briefly introduced the Bank of Albania’s perspective on developing a financial education strategy. In his speech he emphasized the importance of integrating all the objectives and initiatives of organizations or institutions working in this field into a single document. He also stressed that in addition to the Bank of Albania’s initiative or the Financial Supervisory Authority’s development of a strategy for financial education and inclusion, the support of relevant Ministries and international market donors is also needed.

Representatives of the World Bank (WB) were also invited to this meeting. Ms. Edlira Dashi, Greenback 2.0 project consultant, made a detailed presentation of the project and specifically the capacity building component of the “retail” sector, which will be implemented through training modules delivered at Greenback Academy. Also, Mr. Nenad Bosiljčić, WB Consultant and Regional Coordinator for the Remittances and Payments Project, participated at this meeting. He highly appreciated the co-operation of all organizations to coordinate their financial education initiatives.

AAB informed all the members on the planning and organization of activities in cooperation with the Bank of Albania within the framework of the Money Week (23-29.03.2020) and invited all the parties to become part of this calendar of activities, in order to maximize the inclusion of all the target groups and to increase efforts to have a wider regional expansion.