Statement on the news of a fraud scheme


“The Association of Albanian Banks acknowledges some information published by the Press (or Media) about a supposed “fraudulent scheme put in place by some employees with the involvement of a Bank in the underlying transactions”.

These allegations against the Bank have to be considered as a pure arbitrary speculation, not supported by any evidence, unilateral as well as imprudent.

According to our information, the Bank in question has already strongly denied any wrong doing, leaving to the Prosecutor Office its duty to investigate the facts, and to the District Court the task to judge the possible involvement and responsibilities of third individual parties, if any.

Spreading to the Public partial or untrue allegations (fake news) is a practice to be definitely condemn by all the citizens and stakeholder, especially when they can put under jeopardy the high reputation the Albanian Banking System enjoys in the Country. All the Members of the Association of Banks have implemented the highest ethical standards in Albania and deployed all the reasonable measures to protect their customers and to prevent frauds.
The Association stands-by its Bank member, relies on the justice impartiality and the hope the Media will promptly reestablish the truth.