Opening of the Money Week


During the week 12-18 March 2018, the Bank of Albania, in cooperation with the Albanian Association of Banks (AAB) and the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, the Deposit Insurance Agency (ASD), the Junior Achievement (JA), the National Youth Service (NES), organize various activities for children and youth. The program includes lectures, visits to the Bank of Albania Museum and commercial banks, open lessons and contests on financial literacy.
On March 12, the Bank of Albania opened the Money Week for 2018. The activity was welcomed by the Governor of the Bank of Albania, Mr. Gent Sejko, and the AAB Chairman, Mr. Silvio Pedrazzi.

In his welcoming speech, Governor Sejko stressed the commitment of the Bank of Albania to financial education initiatives through the implementation of educational programs and the development of textbooks dedicated to primary and secondary education.
He also underlined the motto of the activity “Money Matters Matter” which emphasizes the importance of financial issues. Governor Sejko added that beyond the message the bank wants to convey, it evaluates the inspiration, authenticity and active thinking, as the most effective way to absorb such a tangible subject as finance.

The AAB Chairman, Mr. Silvio Pedrazzi during his speech stressed that children and youth need to receive the knowledge and develop skills to make smart financial decision throughout life. Through many activities to take place during this week, ranging from classroom sessions to visits in banks and lectures with banks’ experts, all seeking to improve financial literacy through better financial education. This year is a special one, because for the first time AAB is joined the initiative of European Banking Federation to participate at the European Money Quiz.
The activity continued with the awards ceremony for the winners of the three first contests organized by the Bank of Albania and the Albanian Association of Banks on the occasion of the Money Week.

The first competition was “Money Matters Matter!”, attended by pupils of the 6th grade of the 9-year schools, with creative projects, like drawing, which clearly convey their concept of money management. Raiffeisen Bank sponsored this contest.
The second contest organized was the best video. High school students were invited to convey their messages on the subject “Money Matters Matter ” through a video of no longer than 2 min. The American Bank of Investments sponsored this contest.
The third contest was the best essay on “Use of the euro in commercial purpose’ transactions” transactions in Albania”. The bank Societe Generale Albania sponsored the contest.