Albanian Association of Banks Marks 25th Anniversary

On May 13, 2024, the Albanian Association of Banks (AAB) celebrated its 25th anniversary with a ceremony attended by national and international members, associates, and partners who have been integral part to its journey. Over the years, AAB has evolved into a key participant in institutional dialogues alongside state institutions, regulatory bodies, and international entities, earning respect, cooperation, and recognition for its contributions to various initiatives and for representing the banking industry.

The anniversary event began with a historical overview showcasing AAB’s evolution and its impact on the banking sector during the past quarter-century. Distinguished guests offered congratulations and expressed wishes for continued successful collaboration.

In his address, Mr. Bledar Shella, President of AAB, conveyed optimism about AAB’s ongoing role in technological advancements, emphasizing customer-centric business approaches and the adaptation of services and products of banks to meet evolving customer needs. He highlighted the banking sector’s journey towards full digitalization as a dynamic alternative to traditional banking, poised to address demands from both public and private sectors in the country’s development.

Attendees were greeted with a video message from Mr. Wim Mijs, CEO of the European Banking Federation.

Mr. Gent Sejko, Governor of the Bank of Albania, emphasized the collaborative efforts of the Albanian Government, the Bank of Albania, and AAB in implementing significant structural reforms over the past decade.

Minister of Finance, Mr. Ervin Mete, lauded AAB as a coordination platform within the banking sector and a key advocate for its interests.

A highlight of the ceremony was the recognition of 25 bank employees for their substantial contributions to the industry, each possessing over 25 years of experience.

As a token of appreciation, attendees received a dedicated book detailing the role of banks in the economy and economic financing since Independence.

The event concluded with a cocktail, fostering networking and collaboration opportunities among participants.