The AAB Assembly meeting


The meeting of the AAB Assembly was held on April 15 th , 2021. Based on the agenda and in
line with the AAB Statute, the Association elected its Supervisory Board composed of five
Mr. Bledar Shella, CEO of OTP Bank Albania;
Mr. Seyhan Pencabligil, CEO of Banka Kombëtare Tregtare (BKT);
Mr. Maltin Korkuti, CEO of Credins Bank;
Mr. Dritan Mustafa, CEO of Tirana Bank;
Mr. Bozhidar Todorov, CEO of FIBank Albania.

Mr. Bledar Shella was elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Mr. Seyhan
Pencabligil was elected Deputy Chairman.
The AAB Executive Office would like to express its gratitude to the Executive Committee
and the former Chairman, Mr. Silvio Pedrazzi – who will soon be engaged in other projects –
eminently representing the Association with high quality standards and a visionary approach,
successfully facing the unprecedented situation emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic.
Availing of this opportunity, AAB congratulates the Supervisory Board and the Chairman,
Mr. Bledar Shella, wishing him utmost success in meeting the new challenging demands of
the banking market, its further development and outstanding representation of the banking