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AAB publishes the Annual Report 2021

Albanian Banking Association (AAB) publishes the Annual Report for 2021. This publication presents an overview of the main achievements of the activity of AAB during 2021.

A few highlights of the AAB activities in 2021:

  • With the new statute’s adoption and entry into force, new technical committees were established. 7 new committees and an auxiliary one became viable.
  • Coordination with the General Tax Directorate and the Ministry of Finance and Economy for the implementation of fiscalization and the establishment of the Central Register of Bank Accounts.
  • Strengthening relations with domestic and foreign institutions for cooperation, such as the Bank of Albania, the Delegation of the European Union, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, as well as meetings with the Ministers of the Cabinet from April 25 General Elections.
  • Financial education: in cooperation with VISA, a two-month campaign for the use of cards was organized; the Money Competition was organized, where about 360 students of 9th grade participated; together with EFSE, the planning of the translation of the book “First Steps in Finance” was enabled, a useful book for anyone looking to learn about personal finances and serving as literature for the Money Competition; in cooperation with the BoA and ANFE, common efforts were dedicated to the drafting of a national strategy on financial education; the organization of a cyber security workshop.
  • 24 online trainings with the participation of 340 employees of the banking industry.
  • AAB increased its presence through publications, social media posts, visual media participation, and the publication of statistical data on the performance of the banking sector.

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