AAB publishes the Annual Report 2019


Albanian Banking Association (AAB) publishes the Annual Report for 2019. This publication presents an overview of the main achievements of the activity of AAB during 2019.

Highlights of the AAB activities in 2019:

  • 2019 marked the 20th anniversary of the foundation of AAB. The organization of a conference on sustainable development followed the celebrations of the 20th anniversary.
  • AAB acted in full solidarity as regards the two natural disasters caused by the earthquakes by late May in the Korça District and the deadly earthquake of November 26th in Durrës, where 51 people lost their lives. 
  • The banking industry is the most trustworthy sector compared to all other sectors and institutions in the country. This finding is confirmed by the survey conducted by IDRA at national level.
  • AAB, in cooperation with the Bank of Albania, drafted and adopted the lending revival platform.
  • In the framework of financial education, AAB participated in the European Money Quiz, where the Albanian team was ranked 7th and EBF honoured AAB with a special awarding cup. 
  • In cooperation with VISA and Mastercard, two awareness raising campaigns on the use of cards were organized.
  • Aiming to provide the best trainings for the employees of the banking industry, AAB organized 23 trainings, in cooperation with 10 partners, where 365 employees were trained. For the first time, these trainings were conducted in cities other than Tirana.

Special thanks to all members for the support and participation in all activities and initiatives, as well as to all our collaborators and public institutions for their cooperation and understanding.

Enjoy the reading!