AAB organizes the annual workshop for economic journalists

The Albanian Association of Banks (AAB) organized a seminar for economic journalists from June 20 to 22 in Madrid. The event brought together 18 economic journalists from several visual and print media with whom AAB collaborates. Designed to combine professional development with cultural enrichment, the seminar was supported by Fibank Albania.

The seminar featured updates on the banking sector, including discussions on industry challenges and opportunities. Mr. Spiro Brumbulli, AAB Secretary General, addressed the participants on current issues followed by AAB and recent developments in the payment market. Representatives from Fibank, Mrs. Elma Lloja, Executive Director, and Mr. Gledis Hysenaj, Chief Business Officer, engaged with the journalists on complex financial topics, such as investment tools, the financial market, and private funds.

On the second day, participants visited the city’s tourist attractions, allowing them to experience local culture and history while networking with colleagues.

Through this educational opportunity, the Albanian Association of Banks aims to strengthen relationships and support the media in providing professional financial information to the public.