AAB: 25 Years

On April 14, 1999, the establishment of the Albanian Bankers Club was legally recognized and declared. This organization later transformed into the Albanian Association of Banks (AAB) on May 30, 2002. It has been 25 years since the inception of AAB, a fully collaborative organization constructed with the contributions of its members. Each bank is a member, collectively supporting activities such as legal adjustments, banking transformation, training, and the development of human resources, a necessity for the banking industry. AAB also focuses on financial education and public communication.

AAB, advocating with a unified voice for the interests of the banking industry and economic development, adheres to the most advanced international standards. It has evolved into an essential partner at institutional roundtables, providing an additional voice from the internal environment in discussions with state institutions, supervisory bodies, and international entities. Over the years, AAB has earned respect, cooperation, and appreciation for its participation in various activities, proposals, industry representation, communication with the public and media, the quality of training, and professionalism demonstrated consistently.

In its 25-year growth journey, AAB has followed the best international models, becoming a highly dynamic organization with a well-defined vision and strategy. It holds membership in several national boards and is also an associate member of the European Banking Federation.

AAB maintains transparency by regularly publishing its annual activities for members, regulators, and the public.

For those interested in exploring AAB’s achievements over the years, we invite you to read the documents available on the AAB website: aab.al

AAB will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a gala ceremony on May 13, 2024.