The Committee on Treasury and Financial Markets was established upon decision of the AAB Executive Committee, in September 2014. The head of Treasury Department banks suggested the creation of such Committee in order to channel their efforts towards enhanced interbank and other financial markets.

The main objectives of the Committee are as follows:

  • To discuss and address operational issues related to the market at a national level;
  • To share information about the new trends and the implementation of a “Best Practices'” in the field of Treasury and Financial Markets;
  • To recommend policies and regulations related to financial management of the banking system.

The Chairmanship of the Committee:

Niko Kotonika, representative of NBG Bank Albania (Chairman)
Donalda Gjorga, representative of Raiffeisen Bank (Vice – chairwoman)
Erion Taçe, representative of Societe Generale Albania (Vice – chairman)

Other members of this committee are:

Entela Marga, representative of Alpha Bank Albania
Teuta Cinari (Lloshi), representative of American Bank of Investments
Florent Prifti, representative of Banka Kombëtare Tregtare
Edlira Heba, representative of Credins Bank
Sonila Cezma, representative of Credit Bank of Albania
Elma Lloja, representative of First Investment Bank
Merita Mojsja, representative of International Commercial Bank
Suela Totokoci, representative of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania
Donata Rali (Totokoçi), representative of Procredit Bank
Eranda Shehu, representative of Tirana Bank
Ilirjan Ligaçaj, representative of Union Bank
Armando Mosho, representative of United Bank of Albania
Albana Aleksi (Kote) and Ms Rezarta Marko, representatives of Veneto Banka

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