I. Objectives

Article 1

1.1 The AAB is a not-for-profit association, which seeks to promote the most up- to-date banking standards of its member banks, the development, stability and efficiency of Albanian banking system in general, thereby contributing to the advancement of the Albanian economy. The AAB is a representative body to contribute in the formulation of legislative proposals or in technical committees, on the national and international level.

1.2 AAB intends to achieve its objectives through:

  • Studying and analyzing problems and difficulties related to banking operation, and trying to find the proper solutions;
  • Cooperating with appropriate authorities of improving the framework which shall delineate the development of banking activities as well as its harmonization with European Union Legislation;
  • Cooperating with Albanian competent public authorities proposing projects for improvement of Albanian banking legislation and any other law, directly or indirectly, affecting the banking activity;
  • Observing national and international developments in banking environment and providing systematically the respective information to its members on such developments;
  • Mediating to resolve, in a friendly way any disagreement that might arise between the AAB members;
  • In general, undertaking any other initiative that AAB shall deem necessary from time to time.

1.3 No commercial banking activity can be performed by any member on behalf of the Association.

Read in full: the Albanian Association of Banks Charter (PDF)