2018 SEE NPL Forum


On 26 October, was organized the 2018 SEE NPL Forum, in Belgrade, Serbia, which looked at the what is coming next in the SEE NPL market and what does this mean for the SEE NPL market. Participants in the Forum included leading banking professionals, regulators, turn-around management professionals, investors and appraisers active in NPL sales and acquisitions.

The program of the forum had dedicated sessions that addressed in detail the efforts being made by local and international regulators, international financial institutions, banks, real estate sector players and investors, to resolve the accumulated mass of NPLs in the financial sector. Participants exchanged information and opinions on SEE NPL market, on transactions that will take place in the upcoming period across the region, challenges are facing banks in SEE markets are regional legislators, and on what the companies and banks doing in order to prevent another wave of NPLs.

Mr. Silvio Pedrazzi, Chairman of the Board, Albanian Association of Banks & CEO, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania participated as a panel speaker. During his speech Mr. Pedrazzi, pointed out the challenges banks in Albania are facing in SEE market and how they can improve the quality of their data.